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About Us

Our oven was originally designed in 1947 by Sinor Llopis, a draftsman from Barcelona.

Inspired by the Roman ovens of Pompeii, he created the first oven with a mechanical revolving base (the sole) which allows bakers to achieve consistency of finished product while producing large volumes of bread.

The oven is 15 metres in circumference and weighs 20 tonnes. It was delivered from Spain on 14 separate pallets and took a total of three weeks to build. The inner chamber is made from a special reflective material and is encased in an outer wall of steel. The cavity in between is filled with Diatomea, a powdered fossilised seaweed which is mined in Albacete, a small coastal town 500km from Barcelona.




Client Says

‘A Total Joy To Eat’

Nigel Slater

‘It’s a Wonderful Loaf’

Speciality Food Supplement (The Caterer)

‘The Good Loaf Has Never Tasted So Good’

Dan Lepard – Time Out

‘I Managed to Get Hold Of The Hottest Loaf In Town – Levain’s Kentish Flute’

Nigel Slater

‘Remarkably airy for a Rye Bread, this 100% rye sour has treacly/sour under taste’

Sunday Telegraph